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Unit D-801

Time To Book Your Stay @ Arcadia Beach Resort D-801

Not only are we launching soon, but it is also highly time to book your stay online @ Arcadia Beach Resort in Pattaya.

If you are in the market for a short-term rental condo rental in an ideal location, not to mention excellent facilities, it is absolutely time to book your stay.

We have a 2-bedroom super rental condo and, as a matter of fact, it will be available very soon.

Having experienced a complete renovation due to an, by our high Western standards, a sub-standard, unlike most units @ Arcadia Beach Resort, we have done things completely different.

We have, in fact, created a rental condo in Pattaya blowing most others out of the water so, indeed, it’s time to book your stay online or, by the same token, you will miss out.

Time To Book Your Stay - Arcadia Beach Resort D-801 - Pool View With Free WIFI - www.arcadiabeach.net --

It’s Really About That Time To Book Your Stay

As we are heading into the final countdown before the big launch, at the same time, we are busy with attention to details.

We are going through all plumbing, tweaking the decorations and getting the right linens, after all, we are a leading host in Pattaya.

Being a top 10% performing host on well-known Booking.com, we are, indeed, leading and, notably, not following.

Arcadia Beach Resort D-801 will become a hugely popular and, in reality, high in-demand rental condo in Pattaya.

The initial feedback that we have received, arguably, we have the Nr 1 unit @ Arcadia Beach Resort in Pattaya.

Short-Term Rental In Pattaya With A Kitchen With A Western Standard - Arcadia Beach Resort D-801 in Pattaya - Book Online - www.arcadiabeach.net -

Surf For Free With Fast WIFI Online

Arcadia Beach Resort is (in)famous for having a horrible public WIFI.

With lacking phone connections in the unit, be that as it may, we had to come up with alternative solutions.

Yes, indeed, it is weird that a building completed in 2014 doesn’t have even ability to connect a landline, much less wired Internet, but that is how it is.

When it is time to book your stay @ Arcadia Beach Resort D-801, we will have the fast free WIFI ready for you.

With measured speeds hovering around 50/50Mbps, and being stable, the fast free WIFI, dedicated for our guests only, will enable you to stay in touch with the world.

And, moreover, with a high-quality router to go with.

Once launched, on the positive side, we will upgrade to 5G speeds.

For clarity, must be remembered, we have 5G coverage already today but have deliberately downgraded to 4G+ as we, expressly, prioritize stability before super high speeds.

If you find us interesting, markedly, when it’s time to book your stay down the road, we might have already upgraded to 5G high-speed Internet and WIFI.

Condo Rental With Fast WIFI In Pattaya - Pool View Balcony - 2-Bedroom For Up To 4Prs - Arcadia Beach Resort D-801 - Book Online on www.arcadiabeach.net -

Time To Book Your Stay With A Fair Dynamic Pricing

Yes, as a matter of fact, we do offer a very fair dynamic pricing to get you the best deal.

Through an advanced algorithm, to say nothing of vast data gathering from other hotels and rental properties, our algorithm ensures a really fair deal.

When it is time to book your stay, comparatively to other hosts, you receive a fair daily rate based on parameters, such as;

  • Occupancy in the area
  • The overall standard and amenities
  • Rates of similar units in Pattaya
  • Season
  • Events in the area

And many other parameters, of course.

We are, indeed, taking the term “professional host” to new levels and, as been noted, we lead, we don’t follow.

Discover Arcadia Beach Resort D-801 - Floor Plan - Short-Term Rental in Pattaya - Book Online on www.arcadiabeach.net -

Book Your Pool View Stay @ Arcadia Beach Resort Online

This booking website have a secure booking engine surpassing many professional hotel chains.

We also, in addition, offer our guests booking their stay online a personalized guest information page filled with useful info about your stay.

You can, of course, book your stay online with one of the many leading booking websites that we have partnered with.

Not all of them are yet live but, accordingly, we are hard at work getting everything in place.

Stay tuned for much more info here in the blog for promotions, updates and, not least, the latest announcements.


Book Pool View Unit D-801 Online On This Website

or email us: pattayareservations@pm.me

or book on any of the leading booking websites below









(if the link isn’t clickable, it means we have not listed this unit on the website as of yet)

" Have stayed here before and will stay again " ★ Fast Free WIFI ★


Rates - Room Amenities

Our Rates - 2023 Launch Promotion!

The rates starts @ €49/day (1,890 THB/day) for four (4) persons in total but the final price will be set by an algorithm (Dynamic Pricing) based on supply, demand, popularity, season, events, reviews, etc. Please head over to the booking page for current availability and the final rates.

We use a fair-pricing algorithm which sets the daily rate based on supply, demand, occupancy, events, holidays, seasonality, and many more factors, automatically.

A one-time cleaning fee of €47 (1,799 THB) applies for each stay, no matter the length, and is non-negotiable. The cleaning fee is for delivering the unit clean, and with one (1) set of towels/linens per person upon check-in.

What's Included In The Price?

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Fresh linens and towels
  • Access to the gym, sauna, steam room, kid's playground and all other free public facilities
  • Guest support during the stay related to condo matters by an Official Booking.com Recommended PLUS Partner, Airbnb Superhost and Agoda Top Host
  • Free high-speed WIFI (1,000Mbps, 1 Gbs)*
  • Free public WIFI supplied by the building management
  • Free in-room delivery from Café Blu
  • Three (3) air conditions
  • Washing machine (detergent not included)
  • 2 large wardrobes
  • 2 floor fans
  • 2 queen sized beds with linens
  • Coat hangers
  • 2 separate bathrooms and showers
  • 3 flat screen TV's with standard Cable/Satellite-TV channels
  • Nicely furnished pool view balcony for up to 4 persons
  • Fridge with freezer
  • Vast array of kitchenware and cookware of all kinds
  • Selection of pots, pans, cutlery, utensils
  • Cups and glasses of various kinds
  • Coffeemaker (French Press)
  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • Microwave
  • Rice cooker
  • Electric cooking hobs (2)
  • Soap and body wash
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Hair dryer
  • Safety box
  • Drying rack for clothes (balcony)
  • Basic cleaning equipment

* Please note that the WIFI is 5G unlimited mobile data with state of the art WIFI-6 router.

About The Award-Winning Host

The award-winning host has been in the online/offline hospitality business since 1999 and is a Booking.com Preferred PLUS Partner meaning being in the very top 10% at various locations around the world including Bangkok, Pattaya, Cambodia and, notably, even in Hurghada, Egypt.

It’s highly recommended to stay here, if you are looking for a high-quality stay at a reasonable price!

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