Terms & Conditions

Good terms and conditions makes a happy mind

We try to keep our terms as flexible as possible. Variations of the below terms can apply on a case by case basis.

Water & Electric

Depending on the length of the stay, the guest might be liable for electricity and water bills but that is always communicated well before booking. See more below under "Terms & Conditions" where you also find the applicable fees for water and electric.


Keeping the apartments clean is a must and we arrange mandatory cleaning for a low cost and added on top of the rental price for Arcadia Beach Resort unit D-801.

Rental Payments

All rental payments are to be made prior to arrival and can be paid using various secure Contact us for payment arrangements for your rental. Longer stays are associated with required deposits. Please see below under "Terms & Conditions".

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(Last Updated: June 7, 2024)


• All payments are due immediately upon booking (for direct bookings on our website or direct contact)

• Bookings are not final until payment has been received or proof of payment has been received (for direct bookings on our website or direct contact) as described below.

• Bookings are being held for a maximum of 24 hours. Payment, or proof of payment, must be received within those 24 hours.

• Final price might vary depending on length of stay and will be confirmed with the guest prior to actual booking (for direct bookings on our website or direct contact).

• Payments made for any 3rd party services, such as private airport transfers, excursions, day-trips, etc, are paid directly to the vendor and are not included in the rental cost paid to us.

• For payments made via PayPal Invoice, using your existing PayPal balance, or cards being used for payment via PayPal, we add on a payment fee of 4% which is the payment fee charged by PayPal to us.

• Requested payments via PayPal are on a case-by-case basis. We hold the full right to reject the guests request to pay using PayPal without having to explain why.

Payment Options

Please click here for available payment options.

Cancellation Policy

• Please check the cancellation policy pre-booking if you book via a third party website such as Booking.com.

• For bookings made directly with us, via our website or direct contact, they are generally non-refundable but refunds can be granted on a case by case basis, if the date(s) are being booked by another guest(s) and at a fair refund policy basis at our sole discretion.

• Any refund will be refunded after the booked dates within ten (10) working days.

• For clarity, we are always very fair in our refund policy and a refund can be granted partially or in full at our sole discretion.

Granted Refunds

If a refund has been granted, the following fees and terms apply:

Administration & CancellationFees

• A minimum cancellation fee of 25% is applied based on the total booking price you have paid with a minimum of €25 plus any fees related to the transfer of funds. Total cancellation fee will depend on how long before the actual stay you cancel, overall occupancy, and other factors at our sole discretion to determine.

Rearranging Already Booked Dates

• Subject to availability, we can rearrange the dates for your stay to be earlier, or later, than the original check-in date but any discount given for the initial booked stay will be null and void and the advertised rack rates on the website on the date of re-booking, for the new dates, will apply without exceptions.

• Any difference in the total price due to rearranging the booked dates as described above will have to be paid and received before the booking is considered confirmed as described in our terms.

• A rebooking fee of €30 will apply to any kind of rescheduling of already booked date(s). Should the rebooking fee not be paid in full, the already booked dates will be available to the guest. No refund will be given if the guest does not check-in (no-show).

Required Information From The Guest

• Passport copy for the person that booked matching the name of the reservation and payment. No exceptions will be made.

• We need a copy of the required identification a minimum of 48hrs prior to arrival sent to us via the message center on the booking website that you have booked with or via email to us.

• All arrangements need to be arranged and agreed on in writing, including sending in the completed Online Check-In Form, no later than 48hrs prior to your check-in.

• Refusal to send a valid copy of your passport and/or the Online check-In form, will result in refusal of entry to the property without any refund.

• Our responsibility to have staff available for your wished check-in time ends 30 hours before your arrival unless arrangements have been made in writing and your passport has been sent to us. Within this 30 hour window, we are not being held responsible for your check-in and no refund will be given no matter the reason if we cannot arrange to be there for your check-in.

Key Collection

• Only the person that booked the unit can collect the key for the unit and must be present during the check-in process.

• The person that booked the apartment must be present in the apartment during the entirety of the stay and not leave the apartment unattended to any unregistered guest(s).

Check-In / Check-Out Time – Regular Hours

• Check-in starts at 3PM - 9PM unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to arrival

• Check-out is at 9AM - 12PM at the latest unless otherwise agree in writing prior to arrival

• Arrangements for check-in / check-out must be made at least five (5) days prior to arrival

Check-In / Check-Out Time – Non-Regular Hours

• Must be agreed upon in writing

• It is the guests responsibility to bring the apartment number enabling the guest to obtain the key from the reception / doorman / security

• If you wish to check-in and/or check-out, during odd hours outside of the above mentioned regular hours, there is an additional fee of €30/per check-in and/or check-out.

• Should you want to check-in before 3PM on the date of your check-in date, an additional day will be charged.

• Should you want to check-out after 12PM on the day of your check-out, an additional day will be charged.

• This is subject to availability, on a case by case basis and needs to be paid in cash upon arrival if agreed in writing before your check-in

• For check-in during odd hours, where keys being collected from the key lockbox, we cannot be held responsible in any way shape of form should there be any problems collecting the key, including entering the wrong PIN code, as it is completely outside of our scope of reach as our staff isn't present in person which has been explained to you and agreed by you. You must get security to open the entrance to building D with their key card.

Earlier Check-Outs & Necessity To Register Persons If Staying In The Apartment

• If the person who booked the stay checks-out earlier than expected, any other person(s) in the apartment needs to check-out at the very same time for legal reasons and responsibility reasons.

• Only properly registered, and approved person(s), are allowed in the apartment

Reporting of Problems

• We are taking no responsibility whatsoever for any problems that might occur for check-ins / check-outs on non-regular hours as our staff are not there and the staff available is not working for us.

Reporting of Problems

• Any problems / defects / complaints should be sent to us immediately after arrival by email.

• Any problems / defects / complaints that should have been reported immediately, or during stay, will not be considered a matter of such importance it should be subject for a negative review or a full/partial refund.

Minimum / Maximum Stay

• Minimum stay is 1 night(s)

• There are no maximum stay

No Shows

• Bookings that results in No-Shows for guests that have booked directly with us are non-refundable including the paid cleaning fee.

• For No-Shows for bookings vi a third party website such as Booking.com, other conditions might apply so please check the conditions pre-booking applied for that particular website.

Electricity, Cleaning, Laundry, Water & Utilities

• For longer stays, determined from case to case but well communicated with the guest, the guest will have to pay for the utilities.

Cleaning Fee

• A mandatory one-time cleaning fee per stay is added to the total cost (for direct bookings on our website or direct contact).

• A mandatory one-time cleaning fee per stay is added to the total cost for bookings on any 3rd party websites such as Booking.com, Expedia, etc.

• The cleaning includes one (1) cleaning AFTER your stay. During your stay, no cleaning will be carried out unless you order such from us, or in the reception, at extra charge.


• The actual public WIFI is not provided by us. We do not take any responsibility for neither uptime, reliability nor the speeds for the WIFI provided on site.

• The public WIFI credentials will be provided by the front desk and is free of charge.

3rd Party Services

We cannot be held accountable for any 3rd party services such as uptime, speeds, reliability, temporary closures, etc.

Bedsheets, Towels & Linens

One set of towels, bed sheets and linens for two (2) persons are being provided for each stay no matter the length of the actual stay.

Laundry services are not included but can be provided by asking the front desk.

Inspection of the Apartment(s)

A video is taken just before check-in showing the state of the apartment and a video is also taken just after the guest(s) check-out.

The purpose is to show the state of the apartment that are being delivered to the guest(s) and the state of the apartment left by the guest(s) for the purpose of disputing any claims on cleanliness, quality, broken furniture/items in the apartment before, and after, the guest(s) stay.

The booking party is obliged to be there in person for a mandatory inspection of the unit before checking-out or such must be arranged shortly before the actual check-out.


• The booking party (guest) are being held personally responsible for any damages to the apartment and/or its furniture, equipment, hardware, etc.

• Any damages will be reported to the 3rd party booking platform if the booking took place via such.

• If there are serious damages, or refusal to compensate the damages, the police will be called.

Reviews & Wrongful Claims

We welcome any kind of review and all reviews will be responded to.
Should there be a bad review, we immediately start a thorough investigation and respond to the guest(s) accordingly either by email and/or in response to any review posted on the Internet.

We will not accept any unwarranted claims or inaccurate reviews for the sole purpose to obtain a full/partial refund.

All such reviews and/or claims will be met forcefully and will be reported to the 3rd party booking platform if the booking took place via such.


• Smoking is allowed on the balcony but never inside. Smoking inside will be seen as damages to the apartment and the guest will be held liable for sanitation of the apartment and the costs related to the same. If found smoking inside, the fine is €3000.

• We accept no liability whatsoever for any services provided by a third party company such as for the private airport transfers, excursions, day-trips, etc.

• No parties or loudness in our apartments are allowed

• Only registered guests are allowed

• Do not engage in illegal activities anywhere in the apartment

• Please do not wear shoes inside

• Please dispose of all garbage in the trash can

• Cleanliness required

• Respect fellow neighbors and staff on site

• We do not assist with any type of visa application services and/or related services including using the address of the apartment for visa application services

• Max two (2)persons in the apartment unless otherwise agreed beforehand in writing

• Only registered guests are allowed

• Please return all key(s). The fee for the lost key(s) will be €300.

• Check-in/check-out using the key lockbox is strictly on a case-by-case basis and only allowed when the host has agreed to the same in writing.

• For any stains on the mattress, or duvet, there will be an additional cleaning fee charged of 1,200THB (€35) per piece payable upon check-out, or via the resolution center on Airbnb, if applicable and booked via Airbnb. The host has the sole decision on how, and when, to charge if any stains are found.

• By booking this property, you also fully confirm that you have researched the actual location of the property and that the location of the property has been fully accepted by you for the full purpose of your stay

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" Have stayed here before and will stay again " ★ Fast Free WIFI ★


Rates - Room Amenities

Our Rates - 2023 Launch Promotion!

The rates starts @ €49/day (1,890 THB/day) for four (4) persons in total but the final price will be set by an algorithm (Dynamic Pricing) based on supply, demand, popularity, season, events, reviews, etc. Please head over to the booking page for current availability and the final rates.

We use a fair-pricing algorithm which sets the daily rate based on supply, demand, occupancy, events, holidays, seasonality, and many more factors, automatically.

A one-time cleaning fee of €47 (1,799 THB) applies for each stay, no matter the length, and is non-negotiable. The cleaning fee is for delivering the unit clean, and with one (1) set of towels/linens per person upon check-in.

What's Included In The Price?

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Fresh linens and towels
  • Access to the gym, sauna, steam room, kid's playground and all other free public facilities
  • Guest support during the stay related to condo matters by an Official Booking.com Recommended PLUS Partner, Airbnb Superhost and Agoda Top Host
  • Free high-speed WIFI (1,000Mbps, 1 Gbs)*
  • Free public WIFI supplied by the building management
  • Free in-room delivery from Café Blu
  • Three (3) air conditions
  • Washing machine (detergent not included)
  • 2 large wardrobes
  • 2 floor fans
  • 2 queen sized beds with linens
  • Coat hangers
  • 2 separate bathrooms and showers
  • 3 flat screen TV's with standard Cable/Satellite-TV channels
  • Nicely furnished pool view balcony for up to 4 persons
  • Fridge with freezer
  • Vast array of kitchenware and cookware of all kinds
  • Selection of pots, pans, cutlery, utensils
  • Cups and glasses of various kinds
  • Coffeemaker (French Press)
  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • Microwave
  • Rice cooker
  • Electric cooking hobs (2)
  • Soap and body wash
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Hair dryer
  • Safety box
  • Drying rack for clothes (balcony)
  • Basic cleaning equipment

* Please note that the WIFI is 5G unlimited mobile data with state of the art WIFI-6 router.

About The Award-Winning Host

The award-winning host has been in the online/offline hospitality business since 1999 and is a Booking.com Preferred PLUS Partner meaning being in the very top 10% at various locations around the world including Bangkok, Pattaya, Cambodia and, notably, even in Hurghada, Egypt.

It’s highly recommended to stay here, if you are looking for a high-quality stay at a reasonable price!

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